Monday, January 25, 2010

Pre-Kendall Photography

These are mainly photos that I have taken before I went to Kendall. A lot of it has to do with my every day life and what I see. The way I work is by having a camera handy almost always, when I see something that catches my eye. I capture it.

MSI singer Jimmy. Clutch Cargos (Digital)

Chewy and Justin. 600 Polaroid. (Polaroid)

Snooper, Emily's dog. (Film)

Racehorse in the morning fog. Judge (Digital)

Reflection of a Gazing ball in a garden on a beautiful summer day. Holiday Farm. (Digital)

Glow sticks with long exposure at a friends DJ party. (Digital)

Holiday farm on a foggy day. My favorite bird the crow sitting on a fence board in the mist. (Digital)

Justin's hand after he changed his oil and the nut fell in the bottom of the bucket. (Digital)

At a local art gallery (UICA) they had a room set up with multiple projectors. If you blocked any of them your shadow would be cast by one but other projects were still playing. This is my friend Emily, with her dog Snooper in her backpack. (Digital)

Spider webs on an empty stall. (Digital)

Frog that was stuck to my pants. (Digital)

The Carnival came to town. (Digital)

Horse yawning. Judge. (Digital)

Frog on bedroom window. (Digital)

Class rooms at Michigan State. (Digital)

Phil. (Digital)

Graffiti at Michigan State (Digital)

Graffiti at Michigan State (Digital)

Close up of a film camera. (Digital)

Polaroid. Michigan State (Polaroid)

Rosser in his robot suit. Colorflash Camera (Film)

Colorflash camera. (Film)

600 Polaroid. Train crossing at Michigan State. (Polaroid)

Stephen. Fish Eye lens held up to Digital Camera. (Digital)

Self Portrait taken at Caledonia High School. With my favorite camera, a Holga. (Film)

Taken inside the car wash. (Digital)

While visiting my Grandparents on a rainy day this crow sat on this branch. I swear she knew I was taking picture of her because she continued to clean her self and pose for a good half hour before flying away. (Digital)

This was a little tree frog on my back door one summer evening. (Digital)

Honey. Taken at Holiday Farm on a foggy morning. (Digital)

Self Portrait taken at Michigan State (Digital)

Self Portrait taken at Michigan State. (Digital)

Emme was her name. She was an ex-race horse that I was retraining to be a hunter/jumper. After a good day of training I hosed her off, I switched the nozzle to mist to spray her face, and noticed how the water beaded on her eye lashes. Just had do capture the moment. (Digital)

This was a very strange day in my backyard. The sun was setting but it was very stormy out. Half my yard was raining and the other half was dry with sunny sky. My house was in the middle. The sun setting is what cast the pink into the clouds. (Digital)

The light in the hay loft at work. Holiday Farm (Digital)

I took a series of photographs of my friend Hope. This was done in a stairwell in the high school. Hope (Digital)

Self Portrait, Ima Robot (Digital)

A favorite rock I found. (Digital)

Classmate of mine had a severe eye injury. This was the bruise at it's Peak. Zach (Digital)

A friend asked me to take picture of him for a male model application. My camera had jammed and over lapped frames. Ethan (Film)

A friend asked me to take picture of him for a male model application. Ethan (Film)

Taken on a bus on a school trip. Drew and Molly (Digital)

Taken on a bus on a school trip. Peggy. (Digital)

This was taken at an abandoned bowling ally. I really like the colors and high contrast in this image. (Film)

This is a pinhole photograph I took with a camera I made out of a shoe box. I really enjoined experimenting with placing transparent items on the photo paper, so that Is where the textures came from. (Photopaper)

This is an Image I took in highschool. I had a series of dunce hat images. (Digital)

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