Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Work I've done in the first 2 years of Kendall.

All of these are for classes I have taken at Kendall, but they are not in any order of specific classes.

This is a leopard seal at Linking Park Zoo in Chicago. She's swimming on her back. (Digital Capture)

This and two others are a series of Surreal Self Portraits I did for Digital Photography I. (Digital Caputure, Digital Manipulation)

Surreal Self Portrait. (Digital Capture, Digital Manipulation)

Surreal Self Portrait. (Digital Capture, Digital Manipulation)

Justin and I on the train ride home from an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros concert in Chicago. (Digital)

First time ever using a 4x5 view camera. Self Portrait. (C-41 Film, Contact Print, RC Paper)

Sunny the Horse. (Black and White Film, RC paper)

Self Portrait (Digital)

This is a Re-creation of Francesca Woodman self portrait. I did a series of recreating famous photographers pictures for my Introduction to Photography class. (Black and White Film, RC paper)

A Scanogram of frozen peas. (Digital)

This is a scanogram of a crane feather. (Digital)

Eeyore. This photo is taken with my favorite camera, a Holga. (Black and White Film, Glossy Fiber Paper)

This is burnt paint peeling off a wall. (Digital)

This is Evan, he is one of the reasons I am a photographer. He is a great teacher. (Black and White Film, RC paper)

This is a photo taken for "The Shovel Project" where every person in the class received the umbrella and had to take a photo of it. The end of the project we all printed our photo for every person in the class. Each of us received one of everybody's photos. (Black and White Film, Matte Fiber Paper)

This is a photo taken in photo one experimenting with Depth of Field. (Black and White Film, RC Paper)

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